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Yes, you can use marble as kitchen worktop

Granite and quartzite are generally harder than most marble. That’s why granite took over as the popular stone of choice for kitchen worktops and counter tops. However, this doesn’t mean that – for the right project, with the right clients – you can’t use marble. Yes, you heard me!

First of all, each stone is unique geologically speaking and their technical characteristics vary. Secondly, not all home owners are the same. If you and your clients are aware of what having a marble kitchen top entails and are prepared to look after it (and it is common sense here, not rocket science), then I say “go for it”.

All you need to remember is a few rules. Always use stone specific cleaning products. Always clean after yourself and avoid leaving stains to sit on the marble for longer periods of time. Use coasters and chopping boards to avoid acidic foods and liquids to get in direct contact with the marble’s surface. I would probably recommend a honed finish, because the etching of acidic liquids and food (such as wine, vinegar and lemon juice) on the marble’s surface will be less visible on honed finish. On the other hand, the sealers that are now available on the market are so good that honed finishes are just as protected as polished ones.

Whilst it is easier to keep granite in good conditions every natural material will eventually look “lived in” after a long period of use and it is part of their beauty.

Personally, I am seeing more and more architects, designers and home owners opting for marble for their kitchen and counter tops.

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