What is book-matching?

With “book-matching” we refer to the practice of matching two (or more) stone slabs, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book – that’s is where the name comes from.

Book-matching has been used to enhance architectural features for hundreds of years. Valued for the beauty of its mirrored symmetry, book-matching highlights the unique pattern of a material, whether wood or stone.

As applied to stone, the process to create this stunning effect starts when the slabs are cut from the block. The first slab of the block is polished on one side and the slab right next to it is polished on the back side. Once laid out end to end, the pattern and veining continue from one slab to the next, with no breaks in the pattern.

Due to the process of manufacturing and wastage, book-matching stone can be expensive. However, if used correctly, it can become a stunning natural work of art integrated into architecture. Clients who choose to invest in this type installation may choose to accentuate it at night by backlighting the slabs (assuming the colour and thickness of the slabs allow to do so). The process of book-matching is quite long and complex: it showcases the skills of both designer and manufacturer, as it requires a high level of craftsmanship and great attention to details. When done correctly, book-matching can integrate stunning, natural  and unique works of art into our daily architectural experiences.

Here’s a few examples of book-matched stonework.

Book-Matched-statuario-5 book-matching 2 book-matching 3book-matched Calacatta book-matched-azul-bahia-3

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