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Top Tile trends of 2023

As we welcome 2023, we look at the top tile trends we think will be sought-after in the coming year. From forever fashionable marble to colour clashing schemes. 

A New Year always brings change, and interiors are no different. No matter how big or small your project may be, you may be curious on coming trends that will grace our homes or spaces. Ever since lockdown in 2020, and spending more time indoors, we have seen a significant shift towards the importance of how our spaces work not only functionally, but also how they improve our wellbeing.  

Natural materials (and their materials inspired by them) and earthy tones can make us feel more connected to the outdoors. Or bold colours and tantalising textures can boost our morale to encourage us to further connect with the space around us. 

Join us, as we delve into the 2023 trends in the world of tiles. 

1. Enticing Colours

As we invest into feel good spaces, tiles with colourful and playful hues can help us enhance our projects to give us a “wow factor”, whilst flirting with our playful side. Bold, clashing colours could bring a new lease of life to our walls. Bring this trend to life by mixing two hues of pastels to create fun murals, such as our Alter Range seen in pink and taupe. 

2. Tantalising Textures 

Textures really enhance any space as they reflect light differently – creating visual murals and focal points that colour can’t replicate. Tatami offers contrasting textures in organic hues to add interesting focal points to your walls in kitchens or bathrooms, whilst nurturing that well-being factor with its earthy pallet.

3. Pattern Pursuit 

Not only will there be a contrast of colours for 2023, but we predict the clashing will continue with patterns and textures. Mixing textures and patterns can create a bespoke feel for tiles, and the possibilities are endless. Try contrasting alternating tile finishes as with our Biscuit range create unique patterns tailored to your design. 

4. Forever fashionable 

With any trend, there is always a timeless classic a La ‘little black dress’ that stands the test of time. When It comes to interiors, nothing is more timeless and fashionable than marble. During 2023, we anticipate seeing marble tiles and natural stones effect tiles dominate our spaces. Timeless in style, marble such as Marble Project will ensure your project always stays relevant.

Continuing with timeless classics, we foresee terrazzo continuing to be on trend during the 2023 season. Offering a simplistic elegance to your design. Versatile in nature, terrazzo effect tiles work well as bold kitchen splash backs, mesmerising floors, captivating walls and bathroom focal points.  Artisan  is a great choice to create some drama in your designs. The beauty with terrazzo is its versatility, it can be subtle or dramatic with its chips, and the spectrum of colour can be simple or bold. Another range we offer in slightly larger chips is Atmosphere

5. Earthy Hue 

With the shift of designs not only needing to be functional, but to enhance our overall well-being. A big trend we anticipate in 2023 will be ‘Earthy’ hues to create an indoor space that is connected to the outdoors, earthy tones of sands, jewels and terracotta to feel connected to nature. Not only does Comptoir have beautiful, jewelled hues. It offers a rich earthy palette to transform a space to give it a warm organic feel. Beige and Rosa capture this palette well as seen above.  

We hope you have found this of interest and helpful. If you would like to discuss further or have any questions, please contact us. We are more than happy to assist you with your queries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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