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Top 5 benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a type of flooring composed of a hardwood top layer (mostly oak, but can be of other species), called wear layer, over core layers of strengthened composite wood. Engineered timber allows for an easier installation process and is a more cost-effective alternative to traditional solid wood floors.

Join us as we delve into the top 5 benefits of engineered oak flooring.

Few materials compare to that of Oak in durability, and for our engineered wood flooring, it’s no different. Engineered wood flooring is made up of multiple core layers that are bonded together before being topped off with a solid wood wear layer. This process makes it more hard-wearing and durable, so that it will stand up to heavy footfall in both domestic and commercial environments.

Wood flooring has a multitude of features that can be beneficial for your projects: one of them is that the multiple layers of wood can act as an effective and solid seal to block out external noise, reducing hollow sounds and vibration. The benefit is improved internal acoustics, which will provide an enhanced sense of cosiness and of “safe place” to the property.

Timber flooring is a popular choice for a timeless, classic and beautiful natural floor, which will last and complement many styles as trends develop throughout the years. Its engineered construction adds performance and durability, extending the lifecycle of an already timeless floor.

Oak flooring stands the test of time. Firstly, it looks better with time, showing off wears and tears and the life it has lived. On the other hands, when it is looking tired, you can re-sand it to give a whole new life to the floor. This is also a good way to get rid of surface staining and marking of everyday life. All you need to be mindful of is that the number of times you can sand it may vary depending on the thickness of the top layer. Once it has been sanded, you will need to refinish it to protect against everyday life. This gives you the flexibility to change the colour and finish of the floor every time you re-sand and re-finish it.

Traditionally engineered timber floors come in planks, akin to solid wood flooring. What we notice is a rise in demand for pattern floors, such as parquet, herringbone, chevron and “quadrotta”. This gives you a wider choice of styles and patterns to choose from. On top of this, our TechnoWood Collection comes in a vary of finishes, including – but not limited to – varnished, UV oiled and heat treated: a truly versatile collection that can meet any aesthetic and functional requirement.

So whatever the project’s requirements, there is an engineered timber for you. Reach out to us today to hear more about the additional benefits of our wood offering.

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