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Top 4 reasons why Terrazzo is sustainable

The construction industry is one of the fastest-adapting industries in the world, especially when it comes to sustainability. Here we showcase just how eco-friendly Terrazzo really is.

Approximately 75% of terrazzo is made of wasted or recycled materials. The reclaimed marble from demolished buildings as well as fragments from the quarry are grounded to get chips and granules to create new terrazzo.

Unlike ceramic or porcelain tiles that require a kiln to be heated as part of the production process, Terrazzo is less energy intense and therefore greener. The production process doesn’t require any heating that produce emission, or ventilation. The little emissions that are produced are measured and reported as per local regulations. The only carbon emissions are those from transportation and we at paolo.interiors can calculate the carbon footprint of your order and you can decide whether to off-set it or purchase carbon allowance.

Terrazzo has high thermal mass, acting as excellent insulators for your walls and floors. It helps increase energy efficiency and is on average 40% more efficient than ceramic and porcelain tiles. Terrazzo – whether poured on site or precast tiles – is of a great help to keep spaces cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Because terrazzo has high compressive strength, it can withstand heavy amounts of pressure caused by foot traffic or heavy machinery. Its durability and hardness allow the surface to last for years with minimal maintenance besides a daily routine cleaning. Terrazzo has a much longer life cycle than most floor and wall finishes.

Sustainability is a growing focal point for many industries, including Interior Design and Architecture. This handy guide was created from us to you to show how terrazzo neatly fits within that conversation and its a material for the now, and centuries to come.

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