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The top 10 trends of bathroom tiles

If bathroom tile trends are making one thing clear for 2022, it’s that plain white tiles aren’t cutting it anymore. This year interior designers are mixing it up, ditching the plain and safe for bathrooms tiles that burst with personality. 

Today’s bathroom trends aren’t just about making the most of the space. They are about making it a unique and personal space for your clients. 

And that’s why bathroom tiles are in a competitive position to give you an edge on your next project, whether a new build or a renovation. More dynamic than paint or micro-cement, tiles can change a room entirely, creating depth and transforming the way a space feels. Interior designers are now favouring tiles that break the rules, tiling more surface areas than ever before, and choosing textures, vivid colours, out-of-the-box layouts and – why not? – a little bit more good old fun.

Here’s the top 10 trends for bathroom tiles that we have identified for 2022. 

1 / Tiled baths and vanities 

2 / Bold colours

3 / Grid effect with contrasting grout colour

4 / Textural tiles 

5 / Apparent randomness 

6 / Zellige inspired tiles 

7 / Linear tiles

8 / Terrazzo effect tiles

9 / Prints

10 / Mixing plain and 3D tiles

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