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The difference between timber planks and parquet flooring

Hardwood floorings come in either planks or parquet block. The main difference is the size and how they are laid. Planks are long (usually of random lengths) and thin, whereas parquet blocks are much smaller and uniform in size.  If you are trying to decide between the two, have a look at the information below.  Hopefully this will help you to make the right decision.

Plank wood flooring explained

Plank-style wooden flooring consists of planks of flooring, either engineered or solid timber, laid side-by-side along the length. Most have a tongue and groove fitting profile. Although the flooring is in a plank style, there are still different plank widths and lengths to meet the needs of your room and, of course, your personal aesthetic preference.

Visually, planks are stylish and timeless. They tend to suit any kind of property and will instantly add a natural charm and warmth to any area. Planks are also very versatile: they can be fitted in almost any room in your home, regardless the size, and even on a staircase. On top of that, engineered planks can also be used with underfloor heating.

Parquet block Wood flooring explained

Parquet block hardwood flooring is an amazing alternative to planks if you are looking for something a little bit different and the property has a higher level of sophistication. Parquet blocks are much smaller than traditional planks and they are made in a uniform shape.  The beauty of parquet flooring is that you can create different patterns such as herringbone, basket weave and brick bond.  The blocks themselves have a tongue and groove fitting profile. Due to the complex nature of the parquet patterns, we would always recommend that you use an experienced and professional floor fitter for installation.

Visually, parquet flooring gives you a wow factor and is ideal for larger rooms. Usually you would also have a boarder around the room with the parquet in the central area. It tends to complement any style of room or property.  You will definitely not be disappointed with a parquet flooring.

The main differences between planks and parquet floorings

  • Parquet blocks are much smaller than planks
  • Parquet has the flexibility of creating patterns
  • Both are easy to look after and clean
  • Parquet is generally solid wood, while planks can be either solid or engineered
  • You will find matching flooring accessories for both
  • Planks can be fitted on a staircase, whereas parquet cannot
  • You cannot float parquet flooring as it needs to be fixed into position
  • With planks you have the flexibly of floating or glued
  • Both can last for decades if installed correctly and looked after

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