Origin: Sandstone from the Yorkshire region, in the U.K.

Appearance: Yorkstone is a tight-grained carboniferous sedimentary rock. Its colour depends on the minerals within its makeup and differs from buff and grey. In both colour varieties, it blends beautifully with traditional and contemporary settings.

Properties: Yorkstone has been the traditional London paving stone for almost 200 years. Even today its durability, longevity, strength and slip resistance make it one of the nation’s favourites. Yorkstone is far stronger than most granites making it an ideal paving material, with the bonus of retaining its non-slip properties as it wears. Yorkstone contains blemishes, veining, small chipping (to the corners and sides) and small holes, all of which are characteristics of stone and enhance its appearance.

Use: Known for its hard wearing and durable qualities, Yorkstone has been used in a wide array of building, construction and landscaping applications. Its clean lines‚ crisp surface and technical attributes makes Yorkstone ideal for paving for both modern contemporary private gardens and public spaces with heavy pedestrian traffic. It is also used for entrances, patios, paths, driveways, step treads, risers, coping stones and pier caps. Our team of stonemasons will produce individually crafted stonework and paving slabs to your exact specifications.

Formats: Paving, setts and cut-to-size for coping stones, steps, patios and driveways.

Finishes: Honed, diamond-sawn and flamed.