Vanitas is a collection of fine porcelain stoneware with industrial chic look-and-feel, by mixing the 7,5x30cm bricks format and an original colour range. In fact, in addition to the neutral shades of white, beige, grey and black, it also includes two intense colours, blue and green. The decorative possibilities also extend to three-dimensional designs, available in white and black.


















Sizes: 300x75mm

Finishs: matt and glossy.

Thickness: 8.5mm

Special pieces: “slim” and “wide” (black and white only)

Key features & benefits:

  • Abrasion resistance (ISO 10545-7) > durability
  • Low porosity and water absorption (≤ 0,1%) > Suitable for all rooms and resistant to chemical attack
  • Frost resistance (ISO 10545/12) > suitable for external use