Ceppo di Gre’ is a porous, heterogeneous conglomerate stone with a homogenous chemical composition. Grey in colour, ranging from light to dark tones. The morphology, size and distribution of the clasts vary. This material presents cavities and micro-cavities that can be filled.


  • 300x600x20mm @ £99.00/m2
  • 400x400x20mm @ £102.00/m2
  • 400x800x20mm @ £103.50/m2
  • 450x900x20mm @ £109.00/m2
  • 600x600x20mm @ £102.00/m2
  • 600x1200x20mm @ £119.00/m2
  • 800x800x20mm @ £195.00/m2
  • bespoke formats available upon request


Finishes: honed  and polished (other finishes upon request).

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