FloorBamboo: Oriental philosophy meets Italian design

This collection is based on the eco-sustainable quality of an ancient plant known as a timeless symbol of flexibility, lightness, strength and durability. In fact, bamboo is often described as “nature’s steel”, the most resistant natural material.

The aim of Floorbamboo is to leverage the qualities of this ancient plant to create innovative, hard-wearing and eco-friendly flooring for sustainable environments.

The best bamboo is selected and processed to ensure the highest European quality standards and environmental sustainability. The result is a varied collection that will allow you to experience this ancient Oriental material at its best.

Last – but not least – bamboo is an ethical choice: it is believed to play an important role in stabilising the Earth’s atmosphere: it regenerates quickly, which prevents soil erosion, absorbs four times more CO2 than forests and produces 35% more oxygen.


The Strand line is produced by pressing and assembling the bamboo fibres to provide higher stability and maximised resistance to dents, as well as a compact, smooth look. This process enhances the already impressive performance of bamboo, by making it more resistant, up to three times tougher than other timber flooring and suitable for underfloor heating.

Raw (natural bamboo)

Smoke (carbonised bamboo)





Finishes: Natural and silk.

Formats: 920x96mm, 920x125mm,1850x140mm and 1850x142mm.

Thickness: 10, 14 and 15mm.



The Canes line is created when the strips of the canes are laid out horizontal or vertically to create an overall effect that reveals the natural, distinctive knots of the bamboo . This gives the floor a natural oriental look.


Raw (natural bamboo) horizontal

Smoke (carbonised bamboo) horizontal





Vertical natural

Raw (natural bamboo) vertical

Vertical Carbonised

Smoke (carbonised bamboo) vertical





Finish: silk.

Formats: 960x96mm and 1920x155mm.

Thickness: 10 and 15mm.



Outdoor consists of a single-layer version, for external applications, created through a high-temperature carbonisation and vaporisation treatment that gives it a warmer, darker finish than the natural bamboo colour.







Finish: Natural.

Format: 1860x139mm.

Thickness: 20mm.



A range of coloured finishes obtained with a gradual whitening process to create a bright and spacious effect in any interior.

Strand Carbonised White

White (strand carbonised)

Strand Ebony & Ivory

Ebony & Ivory (strand)

Strand Milk

Milk (strand)

Strand Natural White

White (strand natural)

Strand Strip Tiger

Strip tiger (strand)





Vertical Milk

Milk (vertical)





Finish: silk.

Format: 1850x120mm.

Thickness: 14mm.

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