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Ataya Grey is a fine-grained and hard-wearing grey / blue limestone rich of fossils from plant and marine animal life forms. Considerable variation in colour and fossils is to be expected. The amount of fossils is dependent on the depth of its excavation. The stone glass veins are made up of quartzite. These calcites are a natural part of the stones geological formation and are, therefore, an inseparable component within the stone.


  • 300x300x10mm
  • 400x400x10mm
  • 400x600x10mm
  • 600x600x10mm
  • 600x900x10mm
  • 800x800x20mm
  • 1000x1000x20mm
  • bespoke formats available upon request


Finishes: honed, polished, bush-hammered, tumbled and sandblasted.