Small fragments and colours design unique finishes with irregular geometries halfway between the traditional Venetian terrazzo and the Memphis style patterns of 1980’s Milan. Artisan investigates its original inspiration to disassemble and reorganise it, transforming an ancient art of tradition into a new, informed and pondered design technique.

The project revolves around three cardinal shades of colour offered in contrasting pairs (white-grey and white-black) and available in three different particle sizes (Micro, Basic, and Macro). In addition to these colour schemes, there are 12 decorative variations with vitreous-inspired inserts conducive to the interaction with bold and characterising shapes and colours, an undisputed symbol of personality. New surfaces for architecture and interior design in which predefined patterns alternate in a dynamic play on perspectives.

The three micro-basic-macro patterns include a vast selection that combines the traditional 10 mm thickness with the growing trend of Oversize project in just 6 mm, with sizes up to 120x240cm. The matt finish alternates granules with different brightness and sparkle for a surprising texture effect, while the glossy finish is extremely shiny and deep. The 6 mm thick decorative coloured version is intended only for wall applications.














Wall panels





















Sizes: 240×120, 120×120, 120×60, 80×80 & 80x40cm

Thickness: 10mm & 6mm (wall panels)

Finishes: matt (R9), glossy & anti-slip (R11, Cl. A+B and >36 wet BS 7976)

Special pieces:

Key features & benefits:

  • Fine porcelain stoneware > Durable & resistance
  • Low porosity and water absorption (0.08%) > Suitable for many areas
  • Rectified > almost invisible joints
  • Terrazzo effects > more durable and practical substitutes