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Our limestone range gets bigger

We are exciting to announce that our range of limestone is now enriched with 4 new affordable, durable and (for the most part) frost-resistant materials.

Check out the photo gallery here and click on the limestone of interest for more information.

Urban Grey

Urban Grey is a durable and frost-resistant limestone with excellent anti-slip properties and high-abrasion resistance. Available in honed, flamed and aged finish, the colour is of a consistent mid grey. The flamed finish is a really good option for external applications to complete the integrate honed inside and if you want something with more textured outside, as close in colour as possible.

Urban_Grey_Honed_64-1280x1280Urban_Grey_Honed_62-1280x1280 Urban_Grey_Honed_63-1280x1280


Urban_Grey_AgedC1-1280x1280  Urban_Grey_AgedA1-1280x1280Urban_Grey_AgedB1-1280x1280


Urban_Grey_FlamedCv1-1280x1280Urban_Grey_FlamedAv1-1280x1280 Urban_Grey_FlamedBv1-1280x1280

media_company1-1280x1021 media_company2-1280x598 media_company3-1280x598

Spanish Grey

Spanish Grey is a frost resistant and durable warm blue/grey limestone. Available in honed and flamed finish, it comes in a good variety of sizes within a short lead time. Slabs are also available for bespoke items. The blocks show some variation from slab to slab but nothing like some other grey limestone products on the market.



Spanish_Grey_FlamedC11-1280x1280Spanish_Grey_FlamedA11-1280x1280 Spanish_Grey_FlamedB11-1280x1280

Grigio Argento

Quarried in Kosovo, this unique limestone offers a combination of exceptional performance and elegant  looks. It is available in both polished and honed finish.

Grigio_Argento_Polished4-1280x1280Grigio_Argento_Polished2-1280x1280 Grigio_Argento_Polished3-1280x1280

Alpine White

Quarried in Turkey, this limestone has a unique look, with subtle marble-esque markings and beautiful medium to light grey tones, quartz veins and fossils. Good technical properties and performance make it suitable for both commercial and domestic projects. It is available in polished and honed finish, in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

AlpineWhiteHonedC1-1280x1280AlpineWhiteHonedA1-1280x1280 AlpineWhiteHonedB1-1280x1280

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