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Floresta limestone: more info and pictures

Formed over millions of years into a unrivalled tones and textures, this detritic sedimentary rock with a grain-supported texture is ideal to compliment outside designs and greenery and transform outdoor spaces into elegant stylish areas for living, often as a good-value-for-money alternative to Yorkstone.

With its warm cream to grey colour background with fine grain size and little movement, this spanish limestone offers excellent properties: it is extremely durable and hard-wearing, is frost and slip resistant. And it is such extra-ordinary properties that make this natural stone, more and more often used as and alternative to Yorkstone, suitable for all use, both indoors and outdoors, including external paving, water features, stone paths and steps within both private and public environments.

floresta_pool_surroundFloresta_stepsfloresta (1)floresta (2)floresta quarryfloresta quarry 2 floresta quarry 3

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