Drugs smuggled in stone consignments

Smugglers who hid millions of pounds worth of heroin in shipments of stone are due to be sentenced on 11 May by a court in the Netherlands. 

According to police, shipments would arrive in containers at the docks in Antwerp from where the drugs would get smuggled into England, Germany and Scandinavia.

It’s one of the largest international heroin supply lines discovered in the Netherlands in recent years. The man believed to have been running the operation is called Yüsuf. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Netherlands have called for a 12-year jail sentence for him and four other men involved could go to prison for between six and eight years. Four others have already been convicted, each being jailed for four years.

Police in the Netherlands started investigating the case in 2018. Yüsuf was named by informers as a co-financier and organiser of the international drug ring. The police discovered that the man was providing cover loads, including shipments of stone and marble tiles, in which the drugs were hidden.

Stone would make a good cover because it is heavy, disguising shipments of half a tonne or more of heroin at a time. Stone is also difficult to move to expose the drugs.

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