5 Best Flooring Options For 2022

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, limestone flooring, natural or stone-effect, is destined to be the flooring of choice in 2022.

1 / Merici

Merici is a unique collection of innovative porcelain stoneware tiles. It offers plenty of versatility through its minimalist look combined with bold variants, as well as unprecedented technical performance. The tiles are soft to the touch, enhanced with the advanced anti-slip technology and an eco-friendly approach (40% of recycled content). Moreover it brings an innovative technology for enhanced antibacterial, hygienic and surface protection properties.
Featuring multiple sizes and surfaces, Merici expresses discreet, versatile elegance with a natural and trendy style.
Price: from £39/m2

2 / Ataya limestone

Ataya limestone is a limestone quarried in Central Europe. Its natural colour spectrum ranges from beige to grey-blue, encompassing all conceivable mixtures of shades in between. Due to its exceptional properties, Ataya limestone is suitable for both internal and external floorings, even with high pedestrian traffic. 
Ataya limestone tiles are interspersed with fossilised elements stemming from plant and marine animal life forms. The amount of fossils found on each piece is dependent on the depth of its excavation. Additionally, the stone glass veins are made up of quartzite and these are a natural part of the stone’s geological formation and are, therefore, an inseparable component within the stone.
Price: from £59/m2

3 / CeppoGres tiles

CeppoGres is a collection of porcelain stoneware that is inspired by Ceppo di Gré, the popular and unique stone from Northern Italy that features large pebbles. The collection consists of 2 cold shades similar to the original natural material – that we also have within our collections – and 2 warmer interpretations in a variety of sizes and formats. 
Price : from £39/m2

4 / Ground tiles

Ground is a collection of porcelain stoneware inspired by the neutral tones of limestone. Its technical properties, wide selection of trims and good value for money attitude make it a very versatile solution for large projects, even when budget driven.
Price : from £39/m2

5 / Blue Alicante limestone

Blue Alicante is a fine-grained limestone with a grey speckled background with blue nuances, lighter particles and occasional light flames. It offers versatility of use and aesthetic qualities, all within a reasonable budget. Very understated, this minimalistic grey limestone is ideal for refurbishment of period properties, as well as new contemporary buildings. Blue Alicante is a great value for money choice, if you want to include elegant grey tones with blue nuances into your project, without having to break the piggy bank. 
Price : from £49/m2

We hope you have found this of interest and helpful. If you would like to discuss further or have any questions, please contact us. We are more than happy to assist you with your queries.

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